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Playing the Old Course (And Golf in General) Never Gets Old

March 9th, 2010 ndnaul11

Last week, I did a little complaining about the weather we’ve been having lately. Looks like the golf gods heard my prayers because the weather did a complete 180, and other than a few showers Saturday, it was sunny all week. Perfect golfing weather. In the spirit of taking advantage of the only sun we’ve seen in 2 months, me and a few of the Holy Cross guys decided we would golf everyday this week – and we did. We actually went twice on Monday, so that’s a total of 8 rounds (even if some were only 9 holes) in a span of 7 days.

Unfortunately, a few of those rounds were on the Balgove Course, which is more of a field with holes and flags than an actual course, but it’ still golf so I’ll let it slide. We even attained a little variety with a few rounds on the Strath, 18 holes on the New, and to top it off, I played a solo 18 on the Old on Wednesday afternoon (probably my best round yet).

Our Holy Cross academic advisor took all of us out to dinner last night at this Italian place called Zizzi’s. We’re all pretty spread out around St. Andrews so although I didn’t get to see the people at the other end of the table, it was still good to have everyone in the same room. It was the first real meal I’ve had since Prague (where I had some bomb goulash). I ordered an entire 4 course meal and plenty of wine. Looking back on it I probably went a little overboard, but on the positive side, nothing went to waste and I got to eat real food for once.

All our plans for Amsterdam are finalized. We head out at the crack of dawn (or maybe earlier) on Saturday, and come back on Sunday night. I’m missing the New Hall (the dorm I live in) Ball on Saturday night but when I’m 40, I think I’ll look back and be happy with my decision. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ll look back on it next week and be happy.

Pretty pumped I’m getting out of St. Andrews for a couple days. I love the place but my life has become way too predictable. I either golf, go to the gym, go out, and twice a week I go to class – and that’s about it. While I’m living the dream, its still nice to have a little variation once in a while. Anyway, next week’s post should be pretty interesting.

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